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Mortage, morgage While the Federal Reserve's 14 interest rate hikes since June 2004 have had little effect on long-term bond yields and fixed loan rates, the outlook for higher interest rates in key overseas markets was enough to send morgage rates higher. As a result, 30-year fixed mortage rates are now flirting with the 6.5 percent mark, a threshold last breached in July 2002. Cincinnati Refinancing Home Equity Loans A key factor in keeping fixed morgage rates low in the years since has been the steady inflow of capital from places like Japan and Germany, where the amount of savings is much higher but interest rates are even lower. A ten-year government bond issued in Germany currently yields 3.6 percent and in Japan, just 1.6 percent. By contrast, the 4.75 percent on a U.S. Treasury looks quite attractive. However, the concern is that foreign investors may lose their appetite for U.S. debt if higher interest rates become available on their own shores. Those concerns sent bond prices lower, and bond yields higher, over the past week. Mortage rates are closely related to yields on long-term government bonds.
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